Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Source of Human Morality Debate with Matt Dillahunty

          Many people I know are fans of Matt Dillahunty and the shows that he appears on, namely the television show The Atheist Experience, and their internet radio show The Non Prophets (both of which are available on iTunes in podcast forms). Well most of us who are familiar with Matt Dillahunty have been awaiting the internet release of his recent debate, which took place at the University of Maryland. They began uploading the video segments to youtube the other day, and they have finally posted the last one today, so I'll compile them here for all of you to see.
          I thought Matt handled himself quite well, even though it seemed that his opponent, Father Hans Jacobse, developed Nazi tourettes someway through the debate! Well, I guess that's enough of me talking about it. Let the debate speak for itself....

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