Monday, January 25, 2010

New Podcast, D.J. Grothe Interviews James Randi in First Episode

          D.J. Grothe, who is now the President of the JREF, has now recorded the first episode of his new podcast called "For Good Reason", where he interviews James Randi. According to the shows webpage:
"James Randi discusses his health and cancer treatment pseudoscience. He talks about JREF’s future, including expansion of the Million Dollar Challenge, a renewed focus on the skeptic grassroots, and international expansion of The Amaz!ng Meetings. He also reacts to the arrest of bomb dowsing huckster James McCormick on fraud charges, stressing the real-world implications of the skeptical outlook.…"
          I haven't listened to the show yet, as I just saw the announcement on twitter. However, I loved D.J. Grothe's "Point of Inquiry" podcast, and (although I was sad to see he won't be hosting it anymore since he left the Center For Inquiry to take his new position as President of the JREF) I'm sure I will enjoy his new show, which I will be listening to tonight :-) Furthermore, I can honestly say that I've never heard an interview with James Randi that I didn't enjoy. He's definitely one of my heros.

          So, that being said, you should all go to their webpage and listen to the show, or if you use iTunes, like I do, search for "For Good Reason" on iTunes and subscribe/download the show there. I'm certainly looking forward to listening to it this evening.


  1. Randi went on a little long about the $1M challenge, but otherwise it was a very good podcast, and promises to rise quickly to the top of skeptical podcasts. D.J. Grothe brings his excellent interview style from POI. I expect this to become a regular in my list.

  2. It'll definitely be a regular on my list. I also hop that Point of Inquiry finds a new host to cary the show on. I know that it won't be in the same format as it was, that went with D.J. Grothe, but I do hope that they get someone new with an equally good and entertaining style.