Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School Bans....Dictionary?!?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!?!?

          It's bad enough that I sometimes hear about crazy right wingers trying to get some school some school libraries to ban some works of literature that they don't agree with. That makes me angry enough that they are literally cutting children off from learning in an academic environment, which is the last place where censorship should take place in literature. However, I am still suprised to hear a school banning the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary from their shelves! I mean, seriously? A dictionary?
          But yes, Oak Meadows  Elementary School in California has removed the dictionaries from their shelves after a parent has complained about one term in the dictionary! I mean, this kind of thing coming from an academic institution really makes me shake my head in embarrassment to have these kinds of educational institutions in my country. Seriously, if they banned every book that had one word that some crazy parent didn't like, they wouldn't have many books at all......yes, it burns :-(


  1. Yes let's protect our children and shield them from anything remotely adult so that when they become adults they can be surprised by all the strange things adults say and do. Let's not ruin it for them! If we were to expose them to the truth about things like sex and stuff at an early age then how could they enjoy the pain and confusion? If little marry found out about her body and the stages it would go through ahead of time, where would the surprises in life come from? Our children should have to learn about sex on the streets like everyone else! These books with all their information have no place in our schools!