Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hitler, On Chiropractic Evidence

          Ha ha ha, I thought this video was funny. It's the same old scene from the Hitler movie that I have seen many versions of where people put all sorts of funny subtitles on, but this one is very funny. Also, because the word chiropractic could be replaced with any of the other baseless claims that people apply pseudoscience to, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, faith healing, etc. Anyways, laugh it up :-)


  1. Heh... was mostly trying to hear what they said. They spoke to fast and unclear though. But I guess it was a little funny :-)

  2. Well, the subtitles didn't follow what they actually said, they were added to make it funny. I've seen this same video all over youtube with all sorts of subtitles, like him being angry because there is no more twitter, or one where he was talking about them changing the end of the movie Watchmen......