Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis The Season, and Atheists are Jealous of the Holiday

          Yup, it's that time of the year again, time for the war on christmas, and Bill O'Reilly, along with others from FOX News are already spouting their stupidity. That's right, in responding to the wonderful way that so many humanist and atheist organizations have been posting billboards, bus ads, etc.,  in the attempt to simply let many non-believers (who may feel rather alone this time of year if they don't have any other freethinkers to relate to) know that they are not alone, are simply jealous and they "want more presents".

          These people, like FOX and Friends, dictate to the far right population. Most people who eat this up are christians, but are blind to reality and the fact that this holiday season is not theirs. Christianity stole the celebration of the season from other cultures before them. In fact, there have been many different celebrations from all cultures which take place this time of year since long before Christmas, or even Christianity were invented. Most originating with the winter solstice, which is a good reason to celebrate (also a practical reason) because the harvest and the changing of the season were what a population's survival depended on long ago. Apparently, FOX News and their followers don't realize that they don't own the month of December. Roy Zimmermann (gotta love him) made a good song for the season :-)

          And if you don't already know who Roy Zimmerman is, I'll also share with you one of his songs that got me liking his music. It's his song about creationism, "Creation Science 101" (click here to listen)

          And finally, yes, it IS that time of year. So, happy holidays, whatever you do or do not give a shit about, and happy winter solstice, or just happy december, to you all..........


  1. Sometimes I try to delude myself into thinking that these extreme right-wing people (Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh) are all just amazing actors apart of a big joke we're not in on. And that one day they are all going to say "You thought I really meant and believed all of this?! NO ONE is that ignorant!"'s a nice's also way better than the reality that they really do, and that they have a huge following and fan base.

  2. Like our "jul" in Sweden, which is translated as "yule" in England. What bothers me a lot is that christians here celebrate jul as well, and not "kristmässa" (christmas). The stupidity.....

  3. that was a great laugh, since those ads on bus's and billboards have been up at other times of the year. There was even a few times when it made the headlines because it was being debated if it should be allowed.

  4. @Anonymous-

    Yeah, look back a page or two on my blog, I made a couple posts about just that, one billboard even got taken down and moved because the owner of the property who the billboard company was renting the space from was receiving threats!

  5. I try to stay away from Bill. He just enrages me every time I listen to his ignorant babbling! Yet- I can't peal my eyes and ears away. He, and so many like him, are the reasons athiests and agnostics will never be understood. People see him as an authority figure (well Fox-goers that is) and Im a bit scared as to how many people will consider his "theory" after he stated it. Its sad and surprising how much persuasion he has in the public.
    You know the positive side to all this? Its people like Bill who I should thank. They drive me to care. They force me to be involved. As people realize more and more how bullshit religion is, poeple like Bill help us. He makes them all look like asses!