Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jesus in a Can

          You think you have everything? I think not. You want a portable savior that you can take anywhere? Well, now you can, with Jesus in a can! And, as if that wasn't enough, now, and for a limited time,you can get 20% more jesus per can!!!!!!

Well, at least we now know how he got on the iron that was in the news the other day...

(personally, I think it looks more like the Mona Lisa, but that's neither here nor there)

Also noteworthy, it appears that the Flying Spaghetti Monster wanted to remind us all of his noodly goodness and how we all have been touched by his noodly appendages in one way or another, and he's made an appearance recently as well......

Apparently the sauce is strong with Tim Morgan, Ramen!!!!!!!


  1. Stumbled across your blog. Its a shame so many of the atheist focus on Christians (when so many are in name only) rather than on God. I've been where you are much like CS lewis, Anthony Flew and others. Keep plugging, you will eventually discover that origins and evolution are absolute foolishness when you remove the presence of the creator.

  2. I wouldn't be an atheist if I hadn't focused on God....I just live in a country which has large numbers of christians, and the christians here are always doing such kooky things.

    And, I don't think I understand how you can say that evolution is foolishness without a creator. Evolution by natural selection works just fine by itself, without a creator. If you added a creator myth to it, it would then look foolish.

    If you think that evolution looks foolish with a creator, then I think that you need to go take a biology class, ask the biologists questions, you'll see that it's not too hard to understand.

  3. Easy to understand, not possible without a creator. Take a math class while in school preferably Stats. Then you will understand while atheism just isn't possible without incredible amount of faith. Origins would never happen and consequently evolution never comes about. Simple really and why me and many others have left that child-like belief behind.

  4. Well, you see...I am a psychology major, so I have taken multiple stats classes (statistics being an integral part of the job for anyone involved in psychology and the social and behavioral sciences), as well as courses in finite mathematics and experimental design and theory classes, multiple philosophy classes including philosophy of mind, and multiple biology classes including evolutionary biology.

    First off, the theory of evolution by natural selection does not concern itself with abiogenesis (that is what I assume that you are speaking of when you say "origins"). Although, all of the currently known scientific evidence supports a natural abiogenesis, and scientists working in the field are making discoveries all the time that are showing how the first biological monomers could have been naturally synthesized, and then continue to reproduce on their own.

    Furthermore, atheism is not a belief, it is simply a word to describe the absence of a theological belief. Being an atheist is not even making a positive statement that a god definitely does not exist, it simply means that I don't accept any of the claims that I have been presented with or that I am aware of about the existence of gods. I do have some beliefs though. My beliefs are based on wherever the evidence points. I am a humanist, which entails certain types of beliefs. I have beliefs about morality, and society, and many other things.

    And you say that the rejection of these claims of gods and the supernatural, which have absolutely no evidence that has ever been able to stand up to scientific criticism, is child like? I say that the invention of, and the grasping to, these religious fairy tales because we are scared of the unknown, we are scared of dying, and scared of the idea of our nonexistence once our life is over, is child-like. It's child-like to need this security blanket that we stick our heads under, when we don't even realize that reality is so amazing, and so magnificent, beautiful, and surprising, and what a joy it is to see reality without veiled eyes stemming from a superimposed fairy tale.