Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fundie Friday (On Sunday)

          Sorry everyone, being out of town to see family for turkey day, getting back worried about schoolwork deadlines, and finals coming up, have got me all out of whack, and I forgot to make a Fundie Friday post. Well, here, I'll post a belated Friday Fundie to make up.....

          This one comes from a post on Pharyngula, it's not text taken from a message board, but a photo taken from a church sign in Arkansas. So, it's still an actual statement made publicly by fundamentalists.

          It sounds crazy, but these types of statements are made to religious followers, who eat it up, and we wonder why a believer closes their ears to a logical, rational, reasonable argument.
          It's funny, because I can remember the leader of our church while I was growing up, saying that we should leave much of the hard research in the bible to the Pastor and Elders in the church, who Yahweh has given the proper understanding to interpret the scriptures. Otherwise, he said, you'll "study yourself right out" of the church. Ha Ha Ha, and looking's just so sad :-(

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