Friday, November 20, 2009

Fundie Friday

          This quote came from here, at, where they have huge collections of quotes from religious people taken from actual internet message boards.
"After holding back and just reading the comments I feel that I must post yet again. Say what you will but homosexuals are not even human. They are diseased, degenerate creatures who mock humans. The goal that they will freely admit to is to erase any trace of decency or humanity from the planet until we are all wallowing in filth and disease like them. If you are religous at all you recognize that this is the work of satan and that they have no souls, just lust for each other. Someone mentioned that it was Lamda who filed the suit, not Nambla. What is the difference, perversion is perversion, and if you don't think that the ACLU won't soon be filing on behalf of pedos then you are the one being foolish. The ACLU exists for purpose only, to destroy America. Hopefully one day there will be a test to determine if the fetus is gay. Then you could abort it since it is not human. Only the then will we wipe this scourge from the world. Until then we will have to do it one at a time."
          T thought Fridays would be a good day to post outlandish comments from religious people. I was going to call it "Funny Fundie Friday", but some of the quotes like this one are just not funny. This one is more sad than anything. Christians claim that their beliefs are all about love and peace, but look at the hatred for another human being that her beliefs have caused her to express, all because that human being was born different than sad.
           Seeing that the previous quote was quite sad, I'll end this with another quote, located here, that reminds me how Christians can compartmentalize and ignore their rational mind, or any thought at all for that matter...
"That's the beauty of Heaven... we can leave our brains behind"


  1. I guarantee whoever wrote that is gay.

  2. Is he suggesting that we should kill all gays? Wow. I agree with him on some stuff, but that's messed up. As long as they are alive they still have an opportunity to be fixed. Human or not, they still have a right to live. It is not necessary, nor appropriate, to kill something when you are fully capable of simply expelling it.

  3. Yeah, the last sentence does seem to be advocating that type of genocide. However, I am troubled by your comments that homosexuals can or should be "fixed", or expelled (as you stated in the last sentence). After all, homosexuality has been found to be quite common, even in most animal species (click here for an example of what I am talking about). I don't understand why you would say that homosexuals can (or need to be) "fixed", or even "expelled", just because they were born with an attraction to a different kind of person than you were. After all, homosexuality is a completely natural thing, documented in most animal species even

  4. And these are the people who claim they don't hate us, but are merely "defending their deeply held beliefs" blah blah blah. Riiiiight.