Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Kid is Awesome: 10 Year Old Student Stands up Against Bigotry

          This kid is awesome! It's so refreshing to see a ten year old child that can use his critical thinking ability to discern something complicated like bigotry and civil rights, and then then to openly make a statement to stand up for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.......

         Also, check out this video of the last episode The Daily Show With Jon Stuart, where Jon offers Will Philips, the ten year old boy, the protection of wrestler Mick Foley...ha ha ha, I'm glad that this boy is getting all this good media support.

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          And here, Kyra Phillips on CNN had something to say to anyone who wants to bully Will Phillips...


  1. I do love the fact that this child called out the ignorance of a CNN newcaster. "What is a gaywad," with the response of "[wow you are dumb, here is the definition.]"

    This child most likely has Aspburgers Syndrome, but that actually makes him more intelligent for his age.

  2. Why do you say that he has Aspurgers?

  3. He is an ignorant kid who knows jack about the world. If he doesnt like the US, he better move to Iran or Cuba.

  4. It's not about not liking the US. I agree with what he is doing, and I love the US because people like him are allowed to stand up and speak out about injustices which are taking place.

    It is a beautiful thing about this country and our constitution, that allow people to speak out against injustices, and our laws steadily change to make sure that people are free, and end persecution. It was people like this kid speaking out that ended slavery, women speaking out that brought more equality for women, etc. That's the beauty of America and our constitution.

    This child is speaking out in love for our constitution, and what this country is supposed to represent, not against it.

  5. About the 10 year old. First of all charges should have been brought against the teacher for descrimination against the child by denying the child's rights to not have to stand or to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag. She should be fired! Second of all, even though what the child did was applaudable, when the father and boy spoke in the interview, they seemed to have a difficult time getting their thoughts out into words, so listening to them was a bit boring. the father could sue the teacher for discrimination and that would make a point that schools should not discriminate against students, that students and children are deserving of their rights as being human and as being citizens of the United States of America. The teacher should not be oppressing the student or persecuting the student or scrutinzing the student with his/her political opinions. I would sue the teacher and make it clear to all teachers and to all schools that they do not have the right to treat a student like this.