Monday, November 16, 2009

Ray Comfort Anounces that he's Proud to be called an Ignorant Fool

          We all remember Ray Comfort, a.k.a. the bannaman (if not then click here for a clip of his banana argument) for silly shenanigans running around with his sidekick, Kirk Cameron spouting off horribly laughable arguments for the existence of god. And then, well...for a while now he's been making news since he announced his plans to distribute almost 200,000 copies of The Origin of Species with his own 50 page anti science, history denialist introduction. He had originally announced to give away 50,000 copies, but now it's up to 194,000. (here is an episode of The Atheist Experience where they discuss it a bit)
When outspoken atheist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins called Ray Comfort "an ignorant fool," Mr. Comfort put that "glowing endorsement" on the cover of his latest book.
"To be called that by Richard Dawkins is a badge of honor," Mr. Comfort said in an interview this week.

          I mean, you just can't make this stuff up! Creationists like Ray Comfort who spout utter nonsense to people, denying scientific evidence, denying history, and denying reason and rationality, just don't seem to care about the truth at all, if it doesn't fit their pre-concieved dogma, then they just make shit up to yell from the street corners in the hopes of attracting enough people whom which to trick into supporting their lies because they don't know enough of the facts to see through the Creationist propaganda.

          This type of stupidity and ignorance being preached on our campuses can be extremely annoying, however there are things that many of us can do to fight this type of spreading of mis-information. For example, as  this article states:
The Secular Student Alliance, based in Columbus, is encouraging its affiliates nationwide "to schedule protests" and "host speakers" to discredit Mr. Comfort and Mr. Cameron.
"We believe the best way to respond to misinformation is with a positive, educational campaign," August Brunsman, SSA's executive director, said in a statement.
          Also, here is a link to the Secular Student Alliance's page discussing how to help. I myself am in the process of getting our local group affiliated with the SSA, so that we can be more active in areas like this, as well as in other areas of the community and the academic world. The site should have information as to where to find out if they will be coming to a campus near you. So, I urge you to be active, and do what you can. If you don't have a group nearby, then you should think about starting one yourself. Look to groups like the Atheist Alliance International, the Secular Student Alliance, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, amongst others, for information, assistance, and affiliation to help grow your local freethought community.
          Finally, It sure makes me laugh to see Comfort announcing that he is proud to be called a fool...let him keep opening his mouth, but let us speak out as well to show how much of a fool he and others like him really are.

          And, by the way, February 12th of this year would have been Charles darwin's 200th birthday, and the 24th of this month is the 150th anniversary of On The Origin of Species. So, remember this month to keep in mind how much of modern medicine and biology would not have even been possible without the understanding evolution and Charles Darwin's wonderful theory of evolution by natural selection, which has illustrated to us all how beautiful and amazing life really is.

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