Friday, November 13, 2009

Public School District Censors Atheist Websites

          The FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) has responded to taxpayers from Indianapolis after the Indianapolis public school system has enacted a policy to censor atheist related web content. The FFRF said:
"This policy does not prohibit or even mention religious views such as Christianity. A website like, which educates on freethought and nontheism, would, however, be blocked under this policy. This promotes religion over nonreligion, which is forbidden under the Establishment Clause.
In her letter, Foundation Staff Attorney Rebecca Kratz pointed out that, in addition to the illegality of the policy, it discriminates against the 15% of the population that is nonreligious, the fastest growing segment of the American population"
           This type of discrimination in out taxpayer funded education system is the type of thing that we all need to stand up against. It aggravates me to no end that in the place that our children are supposed to be learning how to think critically enough to be able to think for themselves as they get older is doing everything that they can to cut them off from any views that disagree with their own views.

           The sad thing is that my state of Texas isn't much better with the battle that we have been having over the history deniers trying to push their pseudoscience creationism into the science curriculum and textbooks, but the FFRF is asking for as many people as possible to send letters to the school board urging them to end this discrimination, check this webpage if you want to help.


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